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Installation of Oracle SQL Developer to Ubuntu

First of all, you need to install Java in your environment. I will continue with the latest OpenJDK version currently available. Easiest method to install jdk is to write following commands to the terminal: Then you can download Oracle SQL … Continue reading

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Getting result from database in shell script

In shell script, there is no standard way of connecting and retrieving result from database. But, for Oracle we can use SQLPlus to connect and run operations on database. I tried my codes on bash for this post and codes … Continue reading

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Oracle Time Overlaps (WM_OVERLAPS)

Oracle has undocumented and documented functions for time operations. In this writing, I will mention the undocumented ‘overlaps’ and documented ‘wm_overlaps’ functions. Actually, they do the same work, but they have some differences. Our aim is to find that two … Continue reading

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Create Html Table From Oracle Table In PL/Sql

Sometimes we need to represent a database table as HTML table. In such situations there is no standart way of doing this. So that, I write a Oracle package for converting sql query to html table code with using Oracle … Continue reading

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Oracle Import Mining Model to Database

You can import your mining models to Oracle database and you can easily call those models from select statements and procedures. In this post I will try to explain how to do that. First of all you must create a … Continue reading

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Oracle Create External Table

Oracle lets you to use an organized files as a regular table. With that way, you can easily use select statements with your file. First of all, we need to create a logical directory name for Oracle on behalf of … Continue reading

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Java Prepared Statements (Oracle Cursor Sharing & Bind Variables)

My last post is about Oracle bind variables and cursor sharing. In this post, I will talk about how to use and how not to use sql queries in Java. Let’s make a basic sql query and analyze the performances … Continue reading

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