About Me

I graduated from Istanbul Technical University at June 2012. I involved couple of projects during my school years and still developing some business needs projects and personal projects.

I started my professional carrier in Turkcell Technology as a Business Intelligence Developer. After six month, I change my career path to a Java developer and started to work in OBSS. Later then, I face with a great career opportunity in Oracle as a Business Intelligence Consultant and do my best to contribute this international company. However, my desire to explore new things dominate my career and now, I am working in MakeIt Software and Consulting and I’m responsible to writing some code and testing them in stable environment. In this company, I have found chances to see different aspects of projects like management, communicating with customers and taking responsibilities in critical situations.

I have experiences at Java, C, C++, Sql, PL-Sql and Pyhton. Out of my business time, I develop personal projects and push them to GitHub. If you want to check what I’m developing, here is the GitHub link.

You can check my professional carrier from LinkedIn. I am always higly motivated to develop good stuff and whenever you need a passionate developer you can contact with me:)

Important Note: The views in this site are my own and can not be connect to any company or Oracle and its affiliates. Also the views and opinions expressed by visitors to this blog are theirs and do not necessarily reflect mine.


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