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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Hi Aykut,

    How would you recommend generating PDF documents from within “plain” PL/SQL?

    Thank you,

  2. Sri says:

    Thanks for your blog on SoapHandlers.
    I am working for one of the project which requires to logging the header information. i was expected to implement this change as cross cutting functionality. And we have services implemented using Spring Web Services. When i tried to integrate Soap Handlers for Spring Webservices Endpoint it is not able to recognize @HandlerChain annotation. Could you please help me how to integrate SoapHanlder impelementation for Spring Web Services ? Thank You!

    • Aykut Akin says:

      Hi Sri,

      I found a clear sample in this site. It uses Spring interceptors to get headers. But, I haven’t try it because of my lack of time. If you face with a problem with this usage please let me know. I will dig for more example and try it for myself when I find a proper time.


  3. Jishan says:

    Thanks Aykut.

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